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March 10, 2019 Bathroom Faucet

Changing Shower Faucet

Changing shower faucet – Change a shower faucet stem does not require great technical notions. The first requirement is to identify the type of tap. The most common is the tap of compression, which always has two handles, when the handle is turned on or shuts off, stem moves up or down to apply or release pressure in a washing machine to control the flow of water. Without washers faucets come in a variety of styles, the most common faucet cartridge, which controls the water temperature and flow with a swivel stem. Taps without washers may have one or two handles.

Changing Shower Faucet Handles

Changing Shower Faucet Handles

1. Close the hot and cold water from the shower tap. If you cannot locate it, then close the main stopcock of the House.

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2. Remove the metal head at the top of the handle using flat head screwdriver to pry below. Remove the set screws and lifting handle. If handle is stuck or corroded.

3. Use a crescent wrench to changing shower faucet the adjusting nut, located under the as tour against the counterclockwise to remove it.

4. Take the stem with a pair of pliers and turn it against the clockwise to remove it.

5. It rearms the faucet reversing the same process you used to disassemble it. Turn on the water and changing shower faucet examine for leaks.

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